Thursday, 11 September 2014

Back to School

I'm wearing stripes shirt and hat from Ă…LAND, my jeans and suspenders are from H&M, pink watch from SWATCH, and Forever21 shoes. 

The main focus of this Back to School shoot was to give ideas of school outfits with a touch of vintage vibe, and this post is featuring my friend, King, who is also a blogger and model. 
The main thing to choose an outfit for school is to choose the comfortable ones. Once you choose the right outfit, your first day of school would be great! Comfy outfits meaning they are not too tight that you can't even move your body. See the texture or material of your clothes! some of the clothes seem nice but when you wear it all day long, it sometimes transfers your sweat, which is disgusting! Just make sure you check the weather before deciding what to wear, and be confident with how you look is the key :) 

H&M sunglasses and Longchamp Bag

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Monday, 1 September 2014

New Shop: Cross The Line

Hey all! I'm excited to introduce you all a new shop that I haven't mentioned before. If you guys are fashion lovers and looking for one of a kind pieces by asian designers, Cross The Line would be your best friend! Check out their latest collections of clothing, accessories, and bags by the designers from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. I personally like to keep myself up-to-date by visiting their website or you can simply register for email updates such as seasonal sale, offers, and new collections. 
As they have a bunch of variety cool designs, I'd like to share some pieces that I like from Cross The Line:
This clutch by BLIND BY JW catches my attention as it reminds me of a cracked diamond, which I thought it would be cool if I match it with a white full skirt dress.  
Black and white are always the best. This jacket that is designed by 112 MOUNTAINYAM is very minimalist-type-of-outfit as it is very simple, catchy, and also sporty to pair it with either pants or skirt. A wrap skirt might match the most :D
This brand-new fashion online also provides a page that contains fashion inspiration, which I personally like the way they share their fashion stories through their designers. Moving on to the main point, Cross The Line offers a 10% discount on any purchase at their website by using this code BASICX before or on September 30, 2014.

For more updates kindly follow:
FACEBOOK: Cross The Line
INSTAGRAM: @Crossthelinex
TWITTER: @Crosstheline14

Happy Shopping all! 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Play Outside

H&M top, flower crown, and bag/ Cotton On leggings / Venilla Suite sandals

Sorry for the late post guys, but here i have a quick announcement! I recently updated my minipopup store, click here to find out. And also, i have a Zalora voucher for you, Indonesians! Use my voucher code: ZBAPdR3 to get discounts :)
Happy shopping, girls! xoxo